SecureShare Support

Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot portal access or document download issues:

  1. Check your spam folder: If the responding company notified you that the login email has been sent, make sure to check your spam folder (the email sender is [email protected]). If it is not in your spam folder, contact the responding company.
  2. Use a supported browser: Make sure you are using the current version of a modern browser (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox are recommended).
  3. Manually type the portal information: Open your browser and manually type the following URL and hit [enter]: Then click the button for “Portal Access.” On the portal login page, manually enter the Response ID (shown in the portal notification at the end of the portal URL as a six-character ID with a dash after the first three letters) and the Passcode, and click the "Access Portal" button.
  4. Turn off VPN or whitelist SecureShare: Depending on how your VPN is configured, it could prevent you from accessing the SecureShare portal. If on a VPN, turn off the VPN and then access the portal. Alternatively, your IT group can whitelist the following domains:
    • / *
    • / *
    • / *
  5. Check Browser extensions: Sometimes, browser extensions will block your access to the SecureShare portal. Try disabling any extensions that restrict access to websites to see if you can now access the portal.
  6. Contact SecureShare: If none of the above help, email [email protected], which provides portal technical support on behalf of its. Please include the company name and the company's internal ID in your email.

Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot issues paying with a credit card:

  1. Enable Javascript: The credit card form requires javascript enabled. Please check your browser settings to make sure javascript is not turned off. Or try a different browser (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox are recommended).
  2. Additional Support: If you are not able to get a browser to work, email [email protected], which provides portal technical support on behalf of its customers . Please include the company name and the company's internal ID in your email.

How to find out who to bill: When an attorney or other person at your organization pays a company's response costs with a credit card through the SecureShare site, you will see a charge on your credit card statement similar to the following:

Sample Credit Card Statement

If you are unable to identify who within your organization authorized the charge and what the charge regarded, please email [email protected] and include your organization's name, the date of the charge, and the amount of the charge. With that information, we will be able identify the company who delivered information to your organization and provide additional company contact information.

The company responding to your subpoena or document request is responsible for any questions you have about their response documents and materials. Please refer to the initial SecureShare notification about the portal for the company's contact information (see the responding party contact information at the bottom of the email under “Questions about the response documents”).

SecureShare technical support will be available Monday to Friday 6:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time, excluding U.S. federal holidays, and we will attempt to respond as quickly as possible. Please follow the instructions above for each type of support issue for fastest results.

Safari SOP provides technical support for the SecureShare portal regarding credit card processing issues and any technical problems that cannot be resolved by the served party. As provided in the SecureShare Terms of Use, Safari SOP shall not be liable for failure to provide or delays in providing support to any serving party.