What is SecureShare?

SecureShareâ„¢ is a state-of-the art solution for companies to electronically deliver response documents and materials to law firms, government agencies, law enforcement, and other parties who have served subpoenas and other document requests. Security and ease of use are its core features.

State-of-the-Art Security

  • Trusted: SecureShare is built and hosted on Microsoft Azure, and has passed the info sec review of some of the largest banks and companies.
  • Encryption: When you as the serving party access the unique page at SecureShare, all file transmissions are encrypted end-to-end using 256-Bit AES and TLS v1.3.
  • Isolation and Deletion: A unique site is set up for each document delivery. All files are automatically deleted after 14 days or immediately when you as the serving party confirm receipt.

Ease of Use

  • Requirements: It is best to use current versions of Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers. Otherwise, there is nothing to install, no user accounts to set up, and no encryption keys to manage.
  • Performance: SecureShare is designed to maximize file download speed, even if you have a slow Internet connection.

Payment of Response Costs

SecureShare takes the paperwork out of paying for a company's response costs. A company will generate an invoice, which is presented as part of the document delivery. The site provides a credit card interface to streamline the payment and collection process. Once you pay the invoice, you'll receive a payment receipt for your records and you can then download the delivered documents.